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Welcome to the Auburn PL Fellowship

Dear Fellows (and future fellows),

My name is Nick Esposito and I am a Design Principal at Education Elements. This year I will be guiding our team through 6 unique sprints designed to increase our capacity as personalized learning educators.

But I wasn't always a design principal. Before that I worked as a math teacher at both the high school and middle school levels. I taught in inner-city Baltimore and Philadelphia. I coached soccer and baseball and used to run Habitat for Humanity trips with my students over our spring and summer breaks. I look forward to sharing more with all of you throughout the year.

Towards the end of my time in the classroom I became quite passionate about teacher wellness. I found it sad that so many teachers wanted to leave the classroom. I found that it boils down to them not feeling valued, fulfilled or empowered at school. So I have dedicated quite a lot of my time to studying the issue of teacher purpose and well-being. I gave a TEDx Talk , I host a weekly podcast, and wrote a book titled the Elephant in the Classroom. I share this with all of you to illustrate that I care deeply about our work together.

In order to feel valued, fulfilled and empowered we must adjust the way that we work. Our students need the very same thing from all of us. And that is where our Fellowship comes in. We are going to study the skills, strategies and mindsets needed to create personalized learning experiences for our students. When we do that they will feel valued, fulfilled and empowered just like we hope to be.

This blog will be our opportunity to share our best practices and stories from our time together this year. We share with the hope that we will be a source of inspiration for future fellows to personalize learning in their classrooms as well.

Welcome aboard! I am excited to start this journey together.


Nick Esposito

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