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Ready and Able to Change

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

By Andrea Chiaramonte & Erin Gutelius

The word flexible means “ready and able to change so as to adapt to different circumstances.”

We as teachers have to incorporate flexibility into our teaching and classrooms constantly. Our classrooms are very diverse, and the students we teach have different learning styles, strengths, and needs. When we were hit with a pandemic a couple of years ago, teachers were pushed to be flexible and willing to change at a moment's notice.

Our goal as teachers is to help our students learn and grow. To make this happen, we have to provide our students with different options, strategies, and paths to get to the result, which is thriving academically. Getting students invested in their learning is also important to their growth and success. Providing students with flexible learning gives them opportunities and strategies (the paths) to have ownership of their goals and successes.

By providing flexible learning opportunities, children are given a chance to succeed within their parameters. In these very different times, education has adapted to the circumstances. Our pacing is constantly being adjusted to meet the student's level of need.

As teachers, this flexibility and pacing allow all students to work on their level and reach success. Children need us to find the path to feel challenged and motivated. We all went into education for the children, and these two aspects are pertinent to our field. With a flexible path and pacing, we provide the learning environment these children need to thrive and grow.

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