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It Takes a Village...

By Lynn Stock

To promote success with our students, it is crucial for there to be collaborations between teachers, administrators and school counselors. Teachers spend a lot of time with students in the classroom, therefore they are likely to witness behaviors within the classroom that the school counselor may not be aware of. When counselors are consulted they may have crucial information or specific strategies that teachers may use to help the child be successful. In many cases counselors have previous knowledge of families or certain events that may be triggering these behaviors. While some information may be confidential, collaboration is the key to get the full scoop of problematic situations, and provide more successful solutions.

Ways Teachers and Counselors can implement creativity and collaboration:

  • Teachers may request counselors help in addressing behavior concerns within the classroom.

  • Counselors can model intervention strategies and preventative language for strong emotions management, observe and help identify triggers.

  • Counselors provide Second Step SEL lessons to students while teachers observe and build their competencies in SEL.

  • Teachers provide SEL follow up.

  • Counselors should be involved in PBIS, grade level team planning, and student support team meetings, in order to stay up-to-date on current events and concerns teachers may have for their students.

  • Counselors can provide small groups or individual counseling to students displaying concerning behaviors or who need additional emotional support services.

  • Counselors provide monthly updates or newsletters to share crucial current events and strategies to address school related behavioral topics as well as resources for faculty and staff to de-stress

Intervention strategies are best implemented when teachers and administrators have consulted with the counselor to develop possible solutions for classroom management where behavior difficulties or mental health concerns are present.

Counselors can provide strategies to be implemented within the classroom as well as offer resources to students and families. Not only are counselors here to offer support for students but we can offer support to all faculty and staff.

The biggest key to success for not only students but for the staff as well, is teamwork and communication.

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