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Meet Cohort #4

The following is a group of dedicated educators whose collective mission is to put students at the center of the classroom through personalized learning.

2023 - 2024 SCHOOL YEAR

School Backpack
Image by Kimberly Farmer

Catie   Kastick

Genesee, Kindergarten 



Amanda  Musso

Kinder teachers are well represented this year. Amanda takes pride in her ability to forge strong relationships with students who really need it. Start playing Uptown Funk to get Amanda out of her chair and on to the dance floor. 

School Supply


Ettie  Barry

Ettie is one of our Cohort's data nerds! She truly loves collecting data and using it to tell the bigger story of student achievement. TOES by Zac Brown Band is Ettie's go-to pump up song. 

     Tara   Manford

Genesee, Kindergarten


School Notebook
School corridor


Brittany Westover

Brittany is a member of our Genesee 2nd Grade Team. You can't get anything by this teacher. Ms. Westover has eyes in the back of her head! When she needs to get ready for class she blares All I Do Is Win by DJ Khaled. 

Bret   Wrixon


Bret teaches 2nd grade and special education at Genesee. To do this he has developed the ability of making great connections with his kids. Pump Bret up with a little Limp Bizkit (Just Like This). 

A school hallway in Vietnam

  Beth  Robinson


Beth teaches 4th grade (the oldest grade represented in this year's cohort!). She prides herself in her ability to establish consistent routines and build strong relationships with her students. To get Beth ready for the day just turn on the movie The Greatest Showman! 



   Jen   Hares

Jen teaches 2nd grade at Genesee. In her classroom you'll notice Jenn is flexible in her approach to meet student needs. To get pumped up you'll catch Jenn listening to Walk a Mile In Your Shoes.

55234 (3).jpg
School Supplies


     Morgan  Cappon

Coming from Seward is Morgan whose teacher superpower is an abundance of patience. In her Kindergarten classroom you can find her class singing 'Bah Bah Bah!' to the tune of Sweet Caroline.

Director of Personalized Learning

Renee  Burgess

Personalized learning is important to me because it allows you to think about each child, what they need and want, and the learning experiences they can most benefit from. 

Chemistry Class


Meaghan Evans

Meaghan is a dedicated kinder teacher at Seward. When her class needs to be directed, Meaghan doesn't scream and yell. Meaghan loves to talk quietly in order to get her students' attention. A calm and inviting classroom has Ms. Evans singing, Don't Stop Believing


Brandi  Bouley

Beth is one of our mighty kinder teachers in this year's cohort. She knows that in order to personalized learning you need to have your classroom management down. In her classroom you'll feel like you are Walking On Sunshine, which happens to be her pump up song. 



Meg Gremli

It is always feels like a Good Day in Ms. Gremli's Kinder class. Meg is able to multi-task with the best of them. And what may feel exhausting sometimes, her ability to do so amplifies her presence in the classroom. 

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