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Our Purpose

Now more than ever, educators are called to design experiences for students , both in-person and virtually, that meet their unique backgrounds, interests, and identities to make learning more relevant, inclusive, and a process that is driven by students, not the other way around.


Fellows will further develop their skills and learn strategies to help them be champions of personalized learning across Auburn ECSD. The PL Fellowship Competencies are:

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Our Process

Each Sprint will follow the SEPAD method to help participants plan for specific practices of one of the elements of the Core Four to design and test in their classrooms.

SEPAD Auburn.png

Our Sprints

The Fellowship consists of 6 unique sprints spread out over the course of 7 months.

Sprint #1 - Mindset & Purpose (October 10)

Sprint #2 - Reflection & Goal Setting (November 14)

Sprint #3 - Flexible Path & Pace (January 9)

Sprint #4 - Targeted Instruction (February 6)

Sprint #5 - Collaboration & Creativity (March 12)

The Capstone Celebration (May 7)

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